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Every artist needs a tragedy

A N A // V E L A S C O


Mac Demarco at Rhinoceropolis 7/13/14 
A photo of sunnier days while I work away this hangover 🌿🚣🌾 #vscocam #raleigh
ssddmm asked: that is in the small city of Guelph, Ontario my friend!

It’s beautiful!


Jane and Brigitte in Don Juan (1973)

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I mean I stress so much over such nonsense. In five years, no, in a year, or even in six months (!!) I won’t vividly remember any of this pain like I do now because it’s insignificant and self inflicted. But you’ve gotta hang on to the joy people bring though because imagine! People love you for being and that’s not anything to stick your nose at. I think about this all the time but it takes a certain kind of strength to remember and another kind of strength to forget.

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